Negotiating with Giants Book Negotiating with Giants Book Negotiating with Giants Book Negotiating with Giants Book

Reviews: Negotiating with Giants

"Very valuable...What you need to know to get a good deal on just about anything." CNN News, Issue #1
“…negotiations expert Peter D. Johnston has written a highly readable book geared to helping underdogs find practical ways to negotiate with larger, more powerful competitors.” The National Post
“Whereas Getting to Yes provided the broad strokes of negotiation strategy, Mr. Johnston uses a finer brush to fill in an important corner of the canvas… Fans of author Robert Greene’s use of historical anecdotes will enjoy a similarly informative and engaging storytelling style in Negotiating with Giants... The book, with its golden slingshot-emblazoned cover, is selling like hotcakes at airport bookstores.” Embassy Magazine
“Peter Johnston speaks with giants. He also sizes them up, figures out their weaknesses, then goes for the kill in a polite, well-informed way…This 250-pager is packed with strategies for how to outsmart a Goliath in business, government or even between friends.” Times Colonist
Negotiating with Giants is entertaining and any one of its six chapters will unveil insights you’ll want to pass along to a friend, colleague or family member.” Business Class Magazine
“Unlike many negotiation books that require you to pinch yourself to stay awake through their dry, academic prose, Negotiating with Giants has an almost folksy style that easily carries the reader through the six chapters.” The Chronicle Herald
“Johnston gives surprising answers...presenting unique strategies and concrete steps...” Harvard Business School, Alumni Bulletin Magazine
“It's a fantastic read!” CJAD Radio
“Detailed strategies little guys can use to hold their own against the rich a powerful.” Financial Post

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