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About the Author: Peter Johnston

Peter Johnston

Peter Johnston is an international negotiator, advisor and mediator whose groundbreaking results have been formally recognized by the US government for their positive economic and social impact.

He's a pioneer in helping underdogs negotiate against the odds with giants who tower over them in size and clout. His folksy, concrete advice to smaller players – entrepreneurs, athletes, struggling organizations, embattled political leaders and individuals seeking change – is driven by his experience with clients and his research into the best practices of successful smaller players across hundreds of years.

As Managing Director of NAI – a boutique consulting firm founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts – Peter's insights also come from his extensive work with giants, including governments, global institutions and some of the world's largest corporations.

Recent examples of Peter’s client engagements include helping a renowned gallery negotiate the return of stolen artwork; guiding a small company in its successful efforts to get a giant retailer back as a customer; supporting the Founder and Chairman of a high-profile fashion group in negotiating the sale of his company; advising a group of municipal leaders on a sustainable regional development and governance plan; speaking at a global M&A conference about the advantages of being a smaller competitor; training the board of a large union in best negotiation practices and then counselling its executive team on critical issues; mediating a rights dispute between a national government and its aboriginal people.

The early foundations for his distinct approaches to influence were formed by working closely with founders of the Harvard Negotiation Project, the Program on Negotiation and the Harvard Negotiation Roundtable. He is a Harvard MBA, trained journalist and former corporate and investment banker.

Peter has been featured in media around the world, talking about his work and commenting on newsworthy negotiations, volatile conflicts and successful influence strategies related to politics, economics and personal relationships.

Dozens of news groups have interviewed or quoted him, including CNN, PBS, ABC's “America This Morning,” FOX Business News, Oprah & Friends, US News & World Report, Business Week, Wired Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The National Post and The Wall Street Journal.