Negotiating with Giants - Photo by Laura Hussey

How do you negotiate with Wal-Mart?

With America's President over going to war? A pay raise from an intimidating boss? More money for a struggling start-up? Sweeping social change? A Super Bowl victory for a team of losers? The return of stolen treasure, lost rights or a canceled credit card? Your survival if you're taken hostage by an armed killer?

In this award-winning bestseller, negotiation expert Peter Johnston surprises us with answers to these far-flung questions, laying out unique strategies and concrete steps we can all use to handle the growing number of giants in our lives. As readers, we travel across time—through riveting, real-life stories—uncovering the secrets of successful smaller players so we, too, can get what we want against the odds.

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Peter Johnston loves an underdog.

The negotiation expert and author helps small players get what they want from the Goliaths in their personal and professional lives – including huge companies, unresponsive governments and towering individuals.

Johnston's innovative research, unorthodox approaches and lively stories attract clients and audiences from around the world.

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